Best Time to Visit Kanchenjunga Region

You might have heard that trekking in the Kanchenjunga Region is different from other trek. It is a little bit challenging. And yes it’s true, the routes of this trek are far from almost anything. If you face any problems in this region, assistance may come from a great distance away. So to prevent this problem to occur, you have to choose the best time to visit Kanchenjunga region.

The Weather conditions of the Kanchenjunga trek are sure to be varied as you head for the destination. If you wish to choose the road trip, you will have to start the drive from Biratnagar which is 81m above sea level. Then, the Trekkers will have to journey through different terrains and altitudes. They will start from the villages of Taplejung at under 2500m. They may end at higher altitudes like Pangpema at 5388m. You will get to experience different conditions. This is for sure.

Generally, the Himalayas has two main seasons for trekking: Spring and Autumn. These two seasons are the best time to visit Kanchenjunga region with the most favorable weather and temperature. Below the sections, we will discuss more features of trekking in these seasons. Also, we will talk about trekking in the off-seasons in this region. So, Let’s get started.

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Spring is a beautiful time to go trekking in this region. In the early months of this season, you will particularly see the fields covered with snow. As the days pass by the trails become more open. The Sele La pass in this region will be opened after months of blockage, which will offer great views of the natural landscape.

Also, you get to see the blossoming of colorful flowers throughout the forest on the trail. You will get to see the Rhododendron Flower bloom. It blooms in the lower forest of the trail. The major feature of this season is to witness the wildlife getting back to their normal life after a long break. The Scenes of the thick green forests along the trail with the moderate temperatures will lead you to your destination. With those astounding Scenes, we are sure you will be busy capturing some memories along the trail.

You won’t face more weather problems now. These include strong rain or snow. Further, this season marks the beginning of the summer season. So the last Month of May generally gets hot and humid in the lower regions.


The autumn season is the best trekking season for the Kanchenjunga region. Since this season begins right after the monsoon season, you could expect some rainfall in September. Right after the landscape gets cleaned by the Monsoon rain, you will experience the extra light and cool freshness in the air. Also, you could see dry and clear weather for many days with moderate temperatures.

The weather is perfect balance making it not too hot, and not too cold which makes it perfect for trekking. The days are clear with beautiful clear skies and less possibility of the clouds making the mountains appear near to the sight ever than before.

Further, there are just a few minor weather-related issues compared to other seasons, such as less rainfall and snowfall. In the absence of rain, you will be exploring dry paths without any risks of tripping. Hence, despite it being a fantastic season, you should still be ready for unexpected weather. For that, you need to come up with the proper gear and clothing to adapt to higher altitudes.

Another advantage of trekking here is that it isn’t too crowded. Other destinations, like the Annapurna and Everest base camp treks, are more crowded. So, it is peaceful to trek even in the peak trekking season.


The region will see extreme weather from December through February, with the lowest temperatures of the whole year. Thus, you will only be able to find closed paths and teahouses during the winter due to the heavy snowfall in the region. Also, there is a high possibility that avalanches will occur along the path. So, if you are prepared to tackle all of these problems, then it could be possible to head out for this trek. So, we only recommend trekking now for those with the best packing list and trek experience. It’s not the best time to visit Kanchenjunga region.

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