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Traveling is the greatest option to pass the time and discover new locations in the most effective manner and at the most ideal moment. Everyone enjoys traveling, but for one reason or another, they are unable to do so because of financial limitations. So, before beginning any excursion, it is crucial to control the travel budget. The seamless, safe, and sound journey is achieved by budget management. Travelers who pre-plan their expenses find the experience less stressful, and they connect with their destinations far more strongly than those who don’t.

Speaking of Nepal, you may organize your vacation thereby dividing up different costs according to your budget and the places you wish to travel. You can use this simple guide to know the cost while visiting Nepal. With knowledge of the essential expenses incurred in Nepal, you can plan your budget.

Cost of a trip to Nepal

Visa Cost in Nepal

You can go to the immigration counter at the international airport in Kathmandu or the embassy of your home country to obtain a tourist visa for Nepal. If you are traveling from China or India, you can obtain a visa at the border crossing.

You won’t have to worry about the immigration desk procedure if you are planning to acquire your visa from the embassy in your home country. Applying for an embassy visa in your country can be done in person or by mail.

The On Arrival visa is simpler to get than the Embassy visa since it just requires one hour of processing time while the Embassy visa would require many days. All you need is a passport that is valid for at least six months, four passport-sized images, a receipt for the application’s submission, and payment. With these things, you may receive an on-arrival visa with ease.

On-Arrival visa costs in Nepal:

15 Days – 30 USD

30 Days – 50 USD

90 Days – 125 USD


The first thing to think about while traveling is the accommodation facility. In Nepal, a variety of lodging options are available. You may find accommodations that blend luxury and culture mostly in urban parts of the nation.

You may get a luxury room for $100 per day. Also, you may get inexpensive accommodation for as little as $10 per day.

If you’re going to the Himalayas, you may expect to pay significantly less, around $5 per person per night. The majority of lodging in these Himalayan regions is offered by teahouses and lodges. Also, you should be aware that there are fewer lodging alternatives in these places. Hence, in most cities, you can easily find lodging for between $10 and $20 per day.


The price range for the items varies significantly depending on the location. In urban regions, you may get a wide range of food options. The price will vary depending on where you eat. Below is a brief breakdown of the pricing according to the spots:

A dish of street food: 50-120 NPR
A dish at a restaurant: 150-400 NPR
A dish at a premium restaurant: 300-800 NPR

As soon as you enter the trekking regions, the food becomes more simple and costs less there. Typically, a dinner costs between $3 and $5 in this region. You may find basic, freshly cooked food here, particularly Dal Bhat Tarkari.


Around the country, transportation expenses are generally similar. There are various airlines in the country. Hence, you can expect these flights to cost from $100 to $200.

In the case of bus travel, you would pay between $10 and $20 for an overnight bus journey from one The price will vary depending on whether you choose a local bus or a luxury bus.

For local transportation, you may take a local bus for 10–50 cents or a cab for a few hundred to one thousand Nepali rupees to travel around the city area.

Guides and Porters

You need to hire guides and porters if you wish to go trekking in Nepal. Even in city areas with the presence of heritages and monuments, guides will be necessary to give Information about the core of the cultural legacy. This kind of guide can be bargained and settled for a few bucks to do the full trip to the heritage site.

During the trekking period, you will require to hire both a hire and a porter. These individuals are arranged by your tour operators. If not, a local guide in that area will cost you $20 to $30. Similarly to that, if you wish to hire a porter then you have to pay the porter between $15 and $20 depending on how challenging the walk is. So, while traveling in Nepal, you must eventually come across some kind of guide.


The essential expenses that may be spent in Nepal have been concluded here. Nepal is the finest option if you’re seeking an inexpensive holiday destination in the world. From every angle, this land never fails to astonish you. Our nation extends a warm invitation to all visitors from across the world who wish to savor the beauty and allure of its natural environment and culture of the country.

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