Manaslu Region Travel Guide

Exploring The Manaslu Region A Complete Traveler’s Guide

You will trek through the less-traveled paths of Rural Nepal on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Compared to treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions, the Manaslu region offers a totally different experience. The Manaslu region is the ideal place to visit for anyone looking to get away from the bustle and stress of daily life.

We are aware that you are eager to take on the challenge that this trek will bring. Considering that, we have prepared a Manaslu Region Travel Guide to provide you with all the information you want for this journey.

The only way to successfully complete the Manaslu trek is through preparation. There are no other excuses for making mistakes in this region. We highly recommend that you go through these informative travel guides that relate to the Manaslu circuit trek. It is crucial to have advanced information about the cost, route, best time, and packing list for this adventurous journey. Hence, these things will assist you in making quick decisions under unfamiliar and unclear circumstances during the journey.

Where will we begin and finish our trek?

Starting points for this trek include SotiKhola, MachhaKhola, and Jagat. Any of these three locations is your option to start the trek. For your information, Jagat is now accessible via road. Finally, the Manaslu circuit trek concludes at Dharapani after a few days spent exploring Larkya la Pass. You will then continue on to Kathmandu via Besisahar.

Is the Manaslu Circuit hike possible solo or without a guide?

Well, the answer is no because we must adhere to the Rules of the Government of Nepal. With just a guide, a trek cannot be performed. In order to be granted a permit, a group must have more than two individuals.  So, it would be preferable for you to choose a local travel agency that would provide guides and porters for the duration of the journey. Hence, we will assist you by combining you with a group by setting the departure date if you choose to trek the Manaslu region alone.

Consider safety on this trek

The biggest risk in this region is actually altitude. Moving too hastily can increase your risk of being in danger as you approach your destination. You must thus think about this matter and follow the guidelines. One death on this trek over the high pass was reported in October 2013 and was caused by cerebral edema. Thus, you must take days to acclimatize and follow the Manaslu region travel guide. Your life will be in your hands while trekking in these high-altitude regions.

Day trips

On this Manaslu circuit travel Route, there are plenty of side trips to explore. Popular day trips on the route include Serang Gumba located above the Bhi village, Kal Tal(lake) from Prok village(3-4 hours of walk), Pungyen Gompa from Samagaon or Shyala(Roughly takes two and half hours of walk), Hinang Gompa from Lihi(an hour’s walk), Birendra Tal from Samagaon(45-minutes walk), Manaslu Base camp from Samagaon(4-5 hours with steep climbing) and Rui la pass from Samdo (7-8 hours trip). With these Additional trips, you surely get to Explore many things on the trek.

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